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Board Policies
Board policies and procedures exist for dealing with disruptive students and the District takes disciplinary action in accordance with policy. The District and each school has implemented a Safe School Plan in compliance with district policy.

The specific policies can be found in the Calhan School District Policies which are available online, and can be accessed in electronic format at the following location:

Calhan School District Policies

Bullying and Threats
The Board of Education and the staff of the Calhan Schools support a secure school climate conducive to teaching and learning that is free from threat, harassment, and any type of bullying behavior. To promote consistency of approach and to help create a climate in which all types of bullying and threatening behavior are regarded as unacceptable, the District has adopted Policy JICDE and a very specific protocol for evaluating the substantive nature of any threat.


SAFE2TELL® is an organization designed to help students, teachers & parents anonymously report anything that is scaring or endangering them, their friends or their family.

Click the following link to visit the SAFE2TELL® website for more information:

SAFE2TELL® website