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Superintendent's Message

We will continue our practice of offering individual conferences in Calhan Middle School during February parent Teacher Conferences. In an individual conference, you will be able to meet with the entire faculty as a team and receive information about your child’s work, their skills, and their progress. Additionally, both you and the teachers will be able to reflect together and share feedback on your child’s learning. We feel that individual conferences are a very important and effective way to engage students in understanding and taking ownership of their learning. We also believe this conference structure will help us to build better communication and stronger relationships with all families. Of course, anyone who feels they need a private meeting with a teacher will still be able to schedule one. Parents of CMS students will be contacted by the school to arrange meeting times. As parents and family members, you are critical partners in helping support your child’s learning and growth. We believe this conference format will strengthen that partnership. Our goal is 100% participation.