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Superintendent's Message

Superintendent’s Message


The past two weeks have been busy as we concluded the first quarter of the year.  Through the first quarter, most of our students are attending in person with 33 attending remotely.  I’m glad to report that the school has experienced no positive cases of the COVID virus to date.  Our entire school community has done of exemplary job of taking the measures necessary to protect each other and keep the school open and we remain committed to that goal.  By the time you read this, our first CHS football game will have been played. Be aware that health restrictions and limits for fans will vary week to week according to stadium, county, and local guidelines.  The athletic department will publish that information as we receive it through the season.  Consider it just another unusual aspect of an unusual year.  Remember, as bothersome as the restrictions may be, they are what is allowing the season to proceed and our athletes to play, and on their behalf, thank you for your patience and support. 


The change in athletic schedules this year has impacted traditional events such as homecoming.  Working in partnership with the Calhan Alumni Association and the Calhan high School Student Council, we are exploring a number of options. When that is worked out, we’ll be certain to let the community know.  While no Homecoming date has been set yet, Calhan students will celebrate a Calhan Spirit Week October 20-23, leading up to this year’s first home football game vs. Byers on October 23.  Details for Spirit Week can be found on our website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


As I mentioned before, one of our goals this year was to expand our Career and Technical Education programs, particularly in the area of information technology.  I’m very happy to tell you that we’ve established a partnership with the National Cybersecurity Center to provide training leading to industry certification in that field for our secondary students.  Cybersecurity professionals are currently in critical demand in our country.  This Career and Technical Education pathway will offer our students the opportunity to earn certifications that will grant them access to a fascinating career.   We’ve also partnered with a trainer who will be providing our EduCar business students experience with all of the rules and regulations of title registration and vehicle sales.  This is another area of critical need in the Pikes Peak region and statewide.


You may have heard of the initiatives in the state to expand Internet access to rural areas.  The District is participating in that effort.  Parents of Calhan students will be receiving surveys that we hope will allow us to determine the need in our area.  The data we hope to gather will help us communicate to those behind this effort of our local situation with regard to Internet access.  We ask all who receive the short, simple survey to complete it and submit it.  That help will be greatly appreciated.


David K, Slothower, Superintendent, Calhan School District, RJ-1


We believe that:

  •      Everyone has inherent worth – Every one of us in this community; teachers, parents, students, leaders, and residents, has a role to play and a contribution to make in our school, our town, our state and our country. Furthermore, our individual and unique roles are, ultimately, critical and important.  Even if we don’t know yet what they are.


  •      Everyone can learn – Even though we all differ in talents or interests, every one of us can learn something, in some way, if we so choose, and we can do it every day.


  •      Learning is something we choose to do, not something that is done to us – The choice to learn is a choice to act. It is something we do with the help of a school, teachers, parents and peers, but they can’t, do it for us. Real learning is not passive. It requires work and sometimes even productive struggle.  The greatest learning tends to happens as a result of the greatest struggles.  Embrace the struggle.


  •      Opportunity to learn is a right – Every human has a right to know, to question, evaluate, to understand, to come to their own conclusion, to their own belief based upon what they know, and to come to a different conclusion and believe based on what they’ve learned.


  •      Choice is a right and a responsibility – We all have the right to choose to learn and improve or to do nothing and remain the same or regress. We all have the right to work and advance or be idle and put ourselves at risk.  We are then entitled to all the privileges or penalties of our choice.  Not choosing, or letting someone decide for us are choices.  The choice is ours.  The choice is always.  No one can choose for us. The choice is everything and choosing is sacred.


  •      Success is a choice – Learning, getting better, trying, failing and trying again are the unavoidable and undeniable elements of success, and we all have the choice to do these things or not to do these things every day.


  •      Education matters – In a world that is changing as fast as ours is, the skill of learning, of coming to terms with something new, or about which we don’t not know, and doing it independently, is more important than it has ever been. Knowing where to go to get in information we need, and what to do with it, is critical.  That entire process is what we call education, and, for reasons presented, it matters.  And, as much as it matters now as the rate of change increases, it will matter more in the years to come.



 I invite you all to bring your ideas, your observations and your concerns to the process.  Whether we agree or disagree, I believe the collaboration will make our school better and our community stronger.  I am looking forward to the coming school year and continuing our work together.