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Calhan Band Handbook



Ms. Casey Gerczynski 

Office: (719) 347-2766 x523

Band Room 523

No Excuses.

Choose to Succeed.


Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! Below is all the information needed to have a successful year in band. This handbook is yours to keep and refer back to throughout the year. 

After signing the Calhan Band Handbook Agreement and turning it into Ms. Gerczynski, please read and sign Calhan’s Participation Packet/Athletics Handbook and sign the online Agreement. A physical is not needed to participate in band. 

In a time where social interaction is discouraged for the safety of others, we should not forget the power that music has to connect us all together. It is my personal goal to make sure Calhan band members get the most meaningful, creative experience that I can offer. Thank you in advance for your support and flexibility. 

Classroom Expectations

Classroom Rules

  1. Respect the classroom.
  2. Respect the music.
  3. Respect each other.

Everyday Class Materials

  1. Instrument
  2. Music
  3. Pencil (NO PENS ALLOWED)
  4. Folder (provided)
  5. Outside/Athletic clothing
    1. Make sure you can march in your shoes. 
    2. Dress accordingly to the weather.
  6. Notebook or iPad


Grading is the same across all bands. There are three grading categories:

Performance                     50%

Behavior                            25%

Assignments and Tests   25%

The performance category is affected when a student misses a required performance. Extra credit performances will also be recorded there. Behavior is graded every day in class and each student gets 5 points per day. Students must have their instrument, music, pencil, and an excellent attitude in order to earn their 5 points. A student will lose all their behavior points for the day if they forget their instrument, even if they have their music and a pencil. If an assignment is turned in one day late, the assignment will be docked 50%. After one day, late work will not be accepted. Please contact Ms. Gerczynski before due dates if an assignment is unable to be completed on time.

Remote Learning

If class returns to remote learning, the student is responsible for all of their courses they were enrolled in before going remote. Assignments and attendance will still be mandatory for band in the form of Zoom meetings, practice journals, playing tests, and listening assignments. Submitted blank assignments will not get credit. Students must join Google Classroom and Remind by the first week of school. Parents are highly encouraged to join Remind as well.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom will be used both in class and remotely. Students must join their appropriate class before the end of the first week of school. 

Beginning Band: tjt54ss

Intermediate Band: 4gh5wqy

Symphonic Band: ac33owj


All Band students are required to join the Band Remind before the end of the first week of school to stay updated on events and information. Parents are strongly encouraged to join Remind as well. 

Text @a94h47 to the number 81010 .

If anyone has trouble with 81010, they can try texting @a94h47 to (330) 400-2454.

Playing Tests

Students will be given at least one week notice before a playing test. Playing tests will be graded with a Pass/Fail, and can be retaken as many times as a student needs to pass. A student who has not passed yet will continue to lose 10% each week until they have passed or the grade has reached 0%.

Practice Journal

Every band student is required to practice outside of class time for one hour a week and record their practice session into their practice journal. These practice journals need to be written in great detail down to the amount of minutes practiced per session. Practice journals can be hard copy, written in the notes section of iPads, or saved in a continuous Google Document. If a practice journal is written on paper (hard copy), take a picture of the entry and upload it into Google Classroom. All practice journal entries are due in Google Classroom on Fridays by midnight.


If there is a scheduling conflict, a parent or guardian needs to contact Ms. Gerczynski at least two weeks before the date of the performance. Traveling out of town, family emergencies, extreme illnesses, and other circumstances out of our control are acceptable reasons to be excused from a performance. Sporting events, work, or not having transportation to a performance are not acceptable reasons. If there is confusion on whether a student is excused from a performance, please contact Ms. Gerczynski.

Concert Dress

Students need to be dressed appropriately and professionally in black and white. Gentlemen need black slacks/dress pants, black shoes (BLACK SOCKS), and a black or white button-down shirt. Ties are not needed. Ladies are welcome to wear the same as the boys. If a dress is being worn, it can be black and/or white, and needs to fall below the knees. If the dress is above the knees, then there needs to be solid black tights/leggings underneath. Students will not be allowed to participate in the concert if their choice of concert-wear is inappropriate, which will drastically affect their grade. If students are unsure whether or not their outfit will be acceptable, I recommend showing me the outfit before the concert. Cleaned cowboy boots are acceptable.

Instrument Rentals and Fees


It is strongly recommended that students rent instruments through Graner Music if they do not already own their own instrument. Graner is located in Colorado Springs, 4460 Barnes Rd. Please feel free to contact them at any time at (719) 574-2001. 

 There are school instruments available for first-come-first-serve to rent for those families who are unable to rent through Graner. School instruments are available for a one time payment of $10 per year. Students take full responsibility for their instruments during the entire 2020-2021 school year: this means cleaning and repairs. Please understand that there is a limited selection of school instruments, so a student may not get their first pick of instrument.  

All instrument cleaning supplies are to be provided by the student. Ms. Gerczynski provides alto saxophone and Bb clarinet reeds for $1 per reed. 

Private Lessons

All students are encouraged to take private lessons in order to improve their individual playing skills. While directors are skilled instructors on the various instruments in the band, there is simply no substitution for private instruction received from someone who is considered to be a professional performer on a particular instrument. Ms. Gerczynski and Graner Music will assist band students in scheduling lessons with the qualified teachers; however, we suggest you be aggressive in “locking in” with a teacher as soon as possible. Private lessons are a must for serious band students. Individual instruction from a qualified specialist on an individual musical instrument can make “all the difference'' in a student’s progress on his musical instrument, thus making for a more enjoyable experience in Band.